Posted by: L1H | April 17, 2008

Funday – Quest 1: Day 30-31/90

Sunday is typically a rest day for me – that means no cardio or weights and lots of gaming and less than “clean” food. Amy and I decided to spend the early part of the day together and we went shopping.

I purchased a couple great little toys that will help me with Quest 1.

First purchase was a new pair of New Balance running shoes. The pain in my right knee will hopefully resolve after I equip these bad boys. If so I’m going to bump my Cardio to 45 minutes on “Cardio” days and 35 on weight training days.

Second purchased goody was a Taylor Body Fat Scale I got at Target for 39.99. Is it accurate? Heck no, but I really just wanted a way to chart CHANGES in Body Fat on a weekly basis. I’m going to contact a local University and see if I can get a hydrostatic test – the one where you’re submerged naked in a pool of water on a scale. It will be like a baptism of humility – in the name of science!

I’m looking forward to “dumbing down” my methods and getting spoon fed data via my new scale. Hey it might not be “accurate” but at least it will be more sensitive to changes.

Additionally: I have been taking pictures of myself almost every day since I started and I have to say the difference between Day 1 and Day 30 are awesome. Not Bruce Lee (6% Body Fat) awesome, but awesome nonetheless. At the end of Quest 1 I do plan on publishing the entire album for you all to see. Talk about positive pressure to get busy!

I almost forgot to mention this Tuesday my trainer Matt will do a complete measurement / re-evaluation of me. I’m interested in seeing what his tape measure data will look like. I will post those results.


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