Posted by: L1H | April 22, 2008

Quest 1: Day 33/90 (Tale of the Tape)

I met with my trainer Matt today. The tape measure and hand-held bio-electrical impedance analysis were employed and compared to my Day 1 numbers.

The biggest struggle with Quest 1 so far is getting consistent feedback about my Body Fat %. Today was a significant day because as far as methodology, Matt and the gym’s scale were the most controlled variables in Quest 1/Month 1. All my attempts at mensuration at home were not as consistent as I wanted them to be.

I closed my eyes and followed Matt’s instructions: turn this way, hold this, spin around, grip this.

Body Fat %: 18.0%(23.4) —–> 15.6%(20.7)
Weight: 189.3 —–> 183.6 lbs
Waist: 34.5” —–> 32.5”
Resting Heart Rate 80 BPM —–> 76 BPM

Lean Body Mass: 155.23 lbs —–> 154.96 lbs
Body Fat: 34.07 lbs —–> 28.64 lbs

Total Fat Loss: 5.43 lbs of Chum!

I consider this feedback positive, but I was a little alarmed at the small loss of LBM. Matt told me during a Fat Burning program as aggressive as mine that a very small LBM decrease shouldn’t concern me. It’s very difficult to Burn the Fat and not cannibalize a little muscle. He assured me that the numbers don’t lie: My body composition is changing.

My work has just begun. The workouts are completely revamped this month – the details I’ll outline later. Additionally I’m going to make sure my meal plan is 100% compliant this month – no muscle disintegrations! /bobafettnods

Also I’m going to increase my Cardio but watch my Heart Rate and make sure I’m not pushing it too hard. Matt said if I push into 85% Maximum Heart Rate zone (which I tend to do) then my body will be forced to burn more muscle than fat as an energy source – the magic zone is 65% and I’m going to do my best to keep in there!

Another action step I’m going to take this month is to watch my calories (read: eating enough Macro Nutrient balanced meals). I have to be eating enough to make sure my body doesn’t go into Survival Mode. I need to make sure I’m only at a 20 % calorie deficit each day – need I repeat: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle – Tony Venuto’s truest words.

A quick day in review:

8:30am – Apple, 2 scoops Whey protein in 12 oz of skim milk
10:00am – Trained with Matt, weighed/measured, Back/Arms
11:30am – Blender Creation: 1 Apple, 2 Table Spoons organic PB, 12 oz skim milk, 2 scoops Whey protein, 12 oz of water
1:30pm – Chicken Cranberry Salad (Bob Evans), 24 oz of water
4:30pm – Homemade Protein Bar, 1 bottle of Propel
7:30pm – Turkey Meatloaf, 1 sweet potato, 1 cup of steamed veggies 12 oz of water
10:00pm – 12 oz water 1 scoop of whey protein.

Matt was late for his appointment with me and I had no time for Cardio; I will make it up later this week.


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