Posted by: L1H | May 1, 2008

Quest 1: 41/90 (Shogun-ate)

“Eating isn’t cheating.” – Unconfirmed quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger when allegedly discovered in his star trailer with a young lady.

Let me tell you how much I miss my home made protein bars.

This much: /holdshandsafootapart

For one I know exactly what’s in them because I made them with my own widdle hands. Secondly they taste great and are super filling.

The downside is that they are so good that mold and bacteria can’t resist them either.

After baking them on Sunday, I put them in plastic bags, in a Tupperware container, and in the refrigerator: but still the mold spores invade their chewy goodness half way through my week.

I think the solution is to make half a batch or freeze half the batch so they won’t spoil.

These store bought protein bars taste like candy bars, aren’t as filling, and the little known rumor about sugar alcohol causing gastrointestinal discomfort is totally true. Bleh!

ShogunsToday I went to Shoguns for lunch. I would have preferred sushi, but I was with a bunch of white people – and you know how crazy white people get about Hibachi grill: flying knives, searing flames, and food catapulted into their eager pale lips.

I passed on the fried rice and just asked for double veggies with the chicken. My drink: 2 full glasses of water (no lemon please).

I couldn’t finish the plate of food, so I took the veggies home and used them in combination with the chicken I had baked for an awesome first dinner.

Doesn’t the food look yummy?

8:00am – Oatmeal, scoop of Whey protein, 12 oz of water
8:30am – Orange
10:00am – Protein Bar (South Beach), 1 bottle of Propel
12:00pm – Shoguns Teriyaki Chicken with veggies, 24 oz water
4:40pm – Protein Bar (South Beach), 1 bottle of Propel
7:00pm – Elliptical 30 minutes, Interval Cardio 15 minutes
8:00pm – Chicken Breast, 12 oz water, veggie left overs from Shogun
11:00pm – 12 oz of water with 1 scoop of Whey protein

See you tomorrow.



  1. Mmm, yummy white people food! And let’s see if we can fix your protein bar problem- I didn’t know how much you missed them!

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