Posted by: L1H | May 2, 2008

Quest 1: 42/90

Salmon - YummyWas going to take an off-day, but at 10:00pm I decided to hijack Amy and go late night interval cardio in my neighborhood.

The sharp pain in my right knee that appeared when I was on the treadmill on Day 41 had me vexed. I wanted to see if it was my gait (or my hamster-like “treadmill gait”) that was causing the pain, so I went outside and ran on uneven grassy terrain and did the same interval routine (with some on the fly variations) totaling 20 minutes.

Result: NO KNEE pain at all. Running full tilt, jogging, no pain!
Conclusion: I’m the Level 1 Human, not the Level 1 Hamster – no more treadmill for me (stuffs food into cheeks for later consumption).

After talking to a guild friend on Team Speak, I decided that adding some water cardio would be a great supplement on cardio days, namely my day off (Tuesday). I can drive across town and use a sister gym’s pool and do laps for an hour. The best part is the impact on my joints will be low but I’ll still be burning the chum!

9:00am – Oatmeal, 1 scoop of Whey protein, 12 oz skim milk
11:00am – Orange, 12 oz water
2:00pm – Grilled Salmon, broccoli, sweet potato, 24 oz of water
5:30pm – Zone Bar, 1 bottle of Propel
8:00pm – Chicken breast, broccoli, half a baked potato, 2 cups of coffee (black), 12 oz water
10:00pm – Interval Cardio, 20 minutes (see above)
11:00pm – 12 oz water, 1 scoop of Whey protein


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