Posted by: L1H | May 16, 2008

Quest 1: Day 56/90

I did not get up early today, but I did work out as planned. I think switching machines (not missing a beat) three times for 45 minutes total is a great idea. It keeps it fresh, keeps my body on its toes (literally), and I can go longer and not get bored.

I did sleep in, but here goes:

12:00pm – Oatmeal, 1 scoop Whey, 12 oz water
3:00pm – Zone Meal Bar, 1 bottle of Propel
6:30pm – 45 minutes of Cardio
7:30pm – Pulled chicken salad, 3/4 white potato, 8 oz of Diet Coke, 24 oz of non sweet tea
11:30pm – Pulled chicken (4 oz), 12 oz water, 1 tablespoon of Ranch (mixed with chicken)

A light calorie day; going to feed the muscle tomorrow – leg workouts take a lot of effort (and will power to endure).


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