Posted by: L1H | June 13, 2008

Quest 1: Day 83/90

Almost done with Quest 1. I admit my blog frequency has dropped, but it’s only because I’m preparing to roll out some significant changes here in this blog space and in RL.

The last day of my current job is Monday: it’s time to move on.

After a short stint of wandering the earth, I’m going to start a new segment of my life.

Oh: I somehow got sick again. I didn’t believe Adam when he wrote that when you start to work out and lose fat you might run into a rough spot with your immune system. Normally I get sick once every few years, at most once a year, but it’s only been a month or so since my last battle with a mutant virus. Lets face it: when you’re working out 6 days a week (while maintaining a modest calorie deficit) your body is under a lot of stress, i.e. weak links in your immune system armor will open you to opportunistic infections.

Mental Stress? Probably not, I’m oddly at peace and feeling optimistic.

Despite a head full of goo, I hit the gym hard today and nearly passed out.

I’m determined to beat this monster so I can finish Quest 1 strong and wander the earth next week!

A quick day in review:

9:00am – Protein Oatmeal, 12 oz water
11:00am – 15 minutes 4.0 mph warm up, Arms
12:00pm – Chicken Salad, ff Ranch, 12 oz water
3:00pm – Zone Bar, 2 bottles of Propel
7:00pm – 6 oz baked beans, pulled chicken salad, 1/2 baked potato, 12 oz water
10:00pm – pulled chicken salad, 12 oz water

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