Posted by: L1H | June 18, 2008

Quest 1: Day 90/90 (Almost)

Today Quest 1 ends.  Okay I’m a little early due to the fact that I’m going on holiday and I wanted to get all this Quest 1 business out of the way before I left town.

For the uninformed: Quest 1 was a health challenge.

The goal of Quest 1 was to transform my body composition and go from a cuddly 23.4% body fat to a lean(er) 10-14% body fat in 90 days.

Essentially I would attempt to “re-roll” myself before my next birthday.  I would apply years of MMO gaming geek (grind-fu) tenacity and experience to accomplish this feat.  Additionally I would record my progress with daily pictures and blog updates that would feature my meal plan, exercise regime, etc …

Could I become the Level 1 Human in 90 days?  Keep reading to find out.

Before I reveal the outcome of Quest 1, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that played a role (unwittingly or not) in this silly little journey.

Adam Water’s videos on You Tube and his website were steel to my flint – from that spark I started imagining that I could pull off a similar transformation.  He was also 32 years old (about to turn 33) and decided to “flip the switch” and begin his own quest; he called it Mission 1.  He had a few false starts over the years, and so did I,  but I tried to model as much as I could from his strategy and approach.  The big lesson here was daily accountability.  Adam doesn’t know me from, well Adam, but he gave me the essential tools and inspiration to pull the trigger.

I can’t thank Adam without mentioning Tom Venuto.  I bought his E-book (Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle) and used its contents as my guiding light for the past 90 days, following every word he wrote as closely as I could.  This book totally reformatted my brain, which was good because I needed to ditch all that late-night-television-infomercial-Hollywood-BS.  Tony taught me how to set goals, eat, and shred.

A You Tube hero of mine named Steve hosts a channel called BodyPerformanceTV.  I have watched all of his 198 and counting videos which cover subjects that range from cravings, food that burns fat, etc … this is a one stop shop of free information.  Thanks Steve!

I have to give a shout out to Brent at Virginworlds. Lets face it, if it weren’t for his super high quality MMO gaming podcast, my cardio sessions would have driven me insane.

A large part of my thanks has to be directed to Matt, my personal trainer.  He understood my goals and helped formulate an action plan that I could actually follow.

Lastly I have to thank Amy.

Amy is my best friend and what’s remarkable about her is well, she hasn’t changed at all.  She couldn’t give a crap if I were fat, bald, old, crippled, or whatever unfortunate state I may find myself.  She’s proud of what I’ve accomplished but I never felt any pressure to be anyone but myself around her.  For this reason I’m indebted to her: words just don’t suffice here.

Finally, the Tale of the Tape:

If you’ve been following Quest 1 you know how frustrated I was with tracking ACCURATE body fat %, among other statistics, but I decided to default to the Acu-Measure for body fat and the scale at the gym for body weight.

90 Days of Pain, Tears, Sweat, More Pain, and finally it’s here:

Starting Weight: 189.3 lbs -> 172.0

Body Fat: 23.4% -> 13.7%

Lean Body Mass 145 lbs -> 148.43 lbs

This is a 2 picture preview of of Day 1 to 90.  I squeaked by at 13.7% body fat: my goal was 10-14% because I read a chart at the gym that said that this would be considered lean.  As I continue beyond Day 90 I know I can achieve 10% body fat, or even single digit body fat, but I’ll need to refine and tweak my approach to achieve that.

I thought it would be a good idea to list key factors to my success:

1) Worked out 5-6 days a week (even when I was sick)

2) Remained in a modest (20%) calorie deficit the entire 90 days.

3) Maintained a 4-6 meal a day plan and stuck to it!

4) Told as many people as I could about Quest 1 to force myself to remain accountable

5) Avoided injury by working out smart

Things I wish I would have done differently (or not enough of):

1) Didn’t take a picture EVERY day or blog EVERY day

2) Didn’t remove caffeine (coffee) from diet

3) Did not drink at least 64oz of water every day

4) Did not always include “bed time” nutrition in meal plan

5) Did not always get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

6) Did not take appropriate safe guards to protect my immune system and prevent illness (Adam told me so, did I listen?  Nuuuooooo).

7) Did not consistently measure/weigh food to accurately balance macro nutrient intake

And just in case there’s not enough pretension or drama, I bring you KOOONGGGGG /cough, okay actually I bring you a You Tube Video that shows some benchmark photos of Quest 1: Day 1-90.

[Editor’s Note: Music in video by artist Immediate Music, song title: Serenata]

What’s in store for Quest 2?  I haven’t decided, but now that Quest 1 is wrapped up I’m going to focus blogging about my other passion: gaming.  Hopefully I’ll fill this space with game related content while keeping you all updated with any future Questing I might undertake.


  1. G’day Trace, major props to you man! You got the job done in real time, it feels great doesn’t it!

    Adam Waters

  2. Adam, I can’t help but feel like I’m just getting started! Thanks for your hard work and inspiration!

  3. …and with his plans achieved The Caveman has set himself apart from the rest of the tribe. The winters would come with their storms, and take with them all the good game — The winters would take the sick and the tired, they would take weak and the whiny, but they would not take…The Caveman.

    Grats on a job well done!

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  7. Dear Trace,

    Your ab-achieval = fierce. Do car alarms go off when you do crunches?

    Also, lend me your Ab-Achieval For Dummies so I can beef up and challenge you a RL pvp.

    You might win, but I will have abs.



  8. Damn Trace!

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