Posted by: L1H | July 2, 2008

Moving On

Started my new job on Monday.  It’s a relief to finally move on.  This position plays to my strengths and has a lot more potential.  Currently it’s more of a lateral move financially – but emotionally it’s a corner office with benefits, if you get my drift.

It should be stated that this new job and my current state of health (Quest 1) are intimately related.  I can’t shake the feeling that when I galvanized myself to improve the quality of my life (health) other pieces of the puzzle started falling in place.

I have been playing a lot of EVE lately.  I’m attracted to the density of the game: this is a niche game that is hardly newbie friendly, but that is exactly why I like it.  CCP built an elegant space opera/trader MMO that has deep and gratifying game play.  The game play is not as varied as a traditional ground pound avatar MMO, but your choices for development are so vast it’s almost intimidating to start.  I’ll write more extensively on the game once I get a little more comfortable with some of the core game mechanics.

I’ve also been pushing the low 50’s on AoC.  I did take some time off once I got over the initial launch hysteria.  A few bugs that were disruptive (if not game breaking) have finally been patched out and I can enjoy the game now with little to no trouble now.

As for combat systems I think AoC is second only to DDO.  I don’t think I can ever go back to a turn based traditional MMO combat system – unless it’s literally a turn based game (FF Tactics).  Also the freedom of avatar movement is nice.  There’s just something to be said about being able to jump, swing a weapon on a whim, climb, and explore the vertical space of a game world – in other words: less transition between “in-combat” and “out-of-combat”.

If you hear anyone say AoC is highly instanced (read: Guild Wars) then you’re probably hearing the opinion of a level 1-20 player.  In other words, they probably haven’t left the heavily instanced Tortage starting city.  Once you get off “newbie island” the game opens up large wilderness areas connected by racial quest portal cities.  Some of these areas are so big you won’t feel like you’re in an instanced prison.  Would it have been more pure to the IP to let let us be able to seamlessly explore the entire landscape of the game world with no zoning – yes, I can’t argue with that.

Nothing revolutionary here, just a new game and currently I find it a ‘fun game’.

Quest Day in review:
9:00am – Protein Oatmeal, 12 oz water
11:00am – Zone Bar, 18 oz water
1:30pm – Chicken Stir Fry, brown rice, 12 oz water
4:45pm – 6” Chicken Breast Subway Sub (Veggies, Lite Mayo), 12 oz water
6:45pm – Almonds, 12 oz water
10:00pm – Legs, 20 min interval cardio
10:30pm – 1 cup of brown rice/black beans, 1/2 veggie hot dog, 12 oz water, 1 cup of decaf coffee

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