Posted by: L1H | September 4, 2008

Dragon*Con 2008

I have been struggling to get back online – I’ve been off the grid for nearly three weeks. Doing battle with the customer service and technical support minions of Insight Communications has not improved my peace of mind.  I have already called AT&T and plan on switching to admittedly slower but hopefully more stable DSL broadband service.

Needless to say I haven’t been my word about posting details about Quest 2: but I hope this update makes up for it.

Dragon*Con: it’s the highlight of my year.  Some people prefer exotic beaches and sunny places, but I prefer humid downtown Atlanta Georgia.  It’s the epicenter of a Labor Day tradition for me now.  Four fun packed days of Science Fiction and Fantasy Foolery (not to mention cute Cosplay girls).  It’s the one place where if you’re not freely expressing your inner geek then you’ll be standing out like a dumb jock at a Filk concert.

Last year I was hospitalized with debilitating vertigo just before Dragon*Con.  I was on anti-vert medication, sterioids, and could barely walk.  However, my travel plans were already paid for and committed, so I was forced to soldier on and limped to Dragon*Con (thanks to my trusty traveling companion Amy, who drove/carried me the entire weekend).  Externally I might have passed, internally I was miserable and spent most of the time sleeping in line before events – it was painful.  I should also mention this was before Quest 1 (queue dramatic music!).

Needless to say I swore to return healthy and ready to take on Dragon*Con next year; I made a commitment to myself that next year would be my year.

Amy and I grouped with a great friend of mine named Dave and we took Dragon*Con by storm last weekend.  The picture below sums up the sexy fun time we had.

I could write forever about the great times we all had.  I will publish a library of all the crazy pictures we took, but for now I would like to share a cute picture of Amy and some random booth girls.

We noticed more people dressed up this year.  It’s like the populace that frequents the Con has reached a critical mass and Cosplay has just exploded.

Were there a lot of posers that just dressed up to dress up?  Sure, I noticed a lot of Con girls that had the obligatory corset and leather boots.  I’m sure they were having fun, but I would bet they wouldn’t know the difference between a Cylon and a Scion.  Do I sound like a nerd elitist – good.

If you haven’t already speculated, Amy has been on a Quest of her own.  She’s been eating great and shredding in the gym: nothing crazy, but consistent like the tortoise.  She’s looking great lately and I’m proud of her: This picture really showcases how much we’ve both changed since last year.

Anyway, Dragon*Con was a great time.  It was pure joy hanging out with Amy and Dave.  I can’t wait to go next year.  I hope to see some of you there as well!

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