Posted by: L1H | September 8, 2008

Firefly: Best show in the verse

Last week when I went to Dragon*Con I witnessed a very passionate tribe of fans that are still obsessing over a cancelled television show that hasn’t been on the air for five years: Firefly.  The consensus was so powerful among them that I had to ask myself, ‘what’s this all about?’. 

You can identify Firefly fans by their Jayne Cobb knit hats, complete with ear flaps, worn as an inside joke and public display of affection for the show they all love and miss.

According to one of their numbers, the show didn’t get a fair shake at the Fox network and was mishandled and not allowed to mature and develop its fan base.

Five years ago I would have told them they are just whining over the show now that it’s cancelled.  I would have asked them where was the love when the show was still on the air.  That was then.  That was before I actually watched the series which I purchased from Best Buy for twenty dollars.

The show is fantastic.  It’s sexy, funny, has top shelf special effects, and its characters are flesh and blood real.  

A totally insufficient synopsis would be thus: Firefly takes place in the distant future when the only two remaining ruling powers are China and the United States.  The Core worlds are controlled by the sterile and oppressive Alliance, while the poorly supported outer worlds (newly tera-formed) exist much like the wild west: lawless and dangerous pockets of life where nobody wears a white or black hat: they just survive.

Indeed the art direction of show includes Chinese influences, old westerns, and Bladerunner/Cyberpunk motifs.  This visual style is hard to digest at first, an acquired taste, but if you make a three episode investment, you’ll find the world of Firefly dense but inviting.

I just finished watching the Firefly movie ‘Serenity’ and I am nearly reduced to tears.  I have devoured everything Firefly has to offer and now I feel like I just had a very short but passionate affair that expired well before its time.  Why didn’t I ‘get’ this show when it was on?  Why didn’t this show get at least four seasons to tell its story?  I’m scratching my head and weeping all at once here.  It’s awful.

If you want to feel like crap too, I suggest you pick up the Firefly DVD.  Don’t torrent the show you bastards: give up your twenty dollars and support the defunct show.  Sure your purchase won’t make the show come back but I would like to foolishly believe that if interest in the IP is high enough via DVD sales, then maybe we can stoke the fires of the Firefly MMO that’s supposedly in pre-development (whatever that means).

If you get bit by the Firefly bug as I did, then maybe you’ll stand with me and the legions of ‘Browncoats‘ next year at Dragon*Con for one of their panels.  Let me suggest getting in line a few hours before the event if you want to actually get inside.

For now, let me introduce you to a couple of friends of mine:


  1. Holy crap, nice pic Trace. Firefly is tits!

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