Posted by: L1H | September 24, 2008

PQ’s: The Honey Moon will be over Soon

Public Quests, or PQ’s, in WAR are one of those “How did we live without this” features.

Every MMO from this day forward will be (and should be) held accountable if they fail to implement some variation of this amazing concept.

If you don’t know already (or live on the moon), PQ’s exist as named: walk up and join in.  You don’t have to be grouped to contribute, you don’t need to speak to an NPC to get credit, all objectives are globally visible, and you’ll get to roll on loot regardless.  Everybody wins (especially if you’re persistent).

With the majority of the player base running through tier 1 and tier 2 content, most PQ’s have open groups chewing through them constantly with only occasional reprieve.  I suspect this will change as each server’s population matures and leaves the lower tier content in the dust . . . that is until guilds realize the strategic benefit of parking alt characters at lower tiers, thereby shifting the balance of the war in tier 4+.

In a month or two a new player won’t be able to just walk up and win a purple PQ loot bag while passing through an area (/guilty) – already some of the less popular or out-of-the-way PQ’s experience a perpetual stage 1 loop.

This is okay with me, and I might even suggest that the way we’re tearing through some PQ’s with brute pug force isn’t exactly what Mythic had in mind.  That being said, PQ’s are so brilliant that we can’t break them despite our best efforts: they work if we take a small organized group or just throw forty random people at them.

When the PQ honey moon finally comes to an end I think we’ll be having too much fun to care.


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