Posted by: L1H | October 1, 2008

Trick or Treat: WAR tricks solo PvE carebears to PvP and love it

Lots of great reviews have been streaming in for WAR.  Most, if not all, have been positive: lots of 5/5 and 9/10 scores.

A great review at says it well: WAR is polished and innovative.  Where’s the innovation you say?

WAR can take a veteran MMO player that A) hates PvP and B) prefers to solo grind PvE content and totally change their gaming habits.  This transformation is subtle, mostly painless, and begins at rank 1.

From the first moment you step into WAR you are introduced to WAR’s RvR mechanics – and you’ll think you’re just grinding quests!

Very early in your character’s career you’ll learn how easy and advantageous it is to group via PQ’s.

You’ll learn to interface with basic siege equipment: foreshadowing of higher tier scenarios and RvR battles.

You’ll be told who the enemy is and what they look like in your very first handful of quests.

Scenarios will initiate you to small scale PvP and teach you important PvP skills such as group tactics, class identity via silhouette, class capabilities, etc . . .

Scenarios will also teach you to lose in PvP – and as you learn, make friends, and level up: the sweet bliss of victory!

Next thing you know you’ll be running up to man a battering ram in the shadow of a besieged keep while your war band engages any defenders – look out for the boiling oil!

RvR goodness – and it all started with a ‘kill 10 dark elves’ quest.  Gotcha!

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