Posted by: L1H | October 10, 2008

Don’t Be Scared of the Big City: Altdorf

I confess I was intimidated by Altdorf, the capital city of the forces of Order.  It’s big … and as our server “levels” up the city it gets even more daunting, opening new areas, quests, and more ways for me to get lost!

The wallpaper/city reference that I made is only good for essential services.  I hope this helps reduce the pain of navigating the pride of the Empire during your next visit to downtown Altdorf.  I’ll likely edit the map in the future to make it more complete.

What’s missing: quest NPC’s, neighborhood labels, and weapon/armor merchants, which don’t appear to function for me.  Also I did not bother to label the ubiquitous box icon merchants, which also don’t seem to function either.  /scratcheshead

Hope this helps.  This bugger took me about six hours on Photoshop: you have no idea how long something like this takes for a perfectionists like myself.  Painful!

To get the city guide Map of Altdorf click here.


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  2. This is very handy. Well done. Thanks for your work!

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