Posted by: L1H | January 14, 2009

WAR: Suggestion Box

Did you ever stand atop the jungle gym at your neighborhood playground and pray for the ability to to fly – then test your faith by jumping into the air to see if your wish was granted?

Writing a wish list for your favorite MMO is kinda like that.

Lets just call it a suggestion box list, for your eyes only, because Mythic would owe me big time if they implemented any of these ideas (I take Paypal; thank you in advance!).

1) Glowing Corpses

Why: Because there should be some kind of particle effect or UI indication of dead allies that you can resurrect (that haven’t started their re-spawn timer).

Particulars: Healers alone will appreciate this, but after trying to resurrect a few bodies on the ground and getting the, “Target Must Be a Dead Player” message is enough to make you start to ignore the rotting allies at your feet.

2) Keep Chest Should Remain for 5+ Minutes before disappearing.

Why: Because winning a keep bag doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it.

Particulars: PQ chests and RvR don’t mix – period.  If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that win a bag you should be given plenty of time to claim your loot bag.  Quest turn-in NPC’s are usually in safe places so you can interact with them and select your reward in peace – if they aren’t you can always talk to them once you’re out of combat.  Auto looting could be an option (especially now that we have overflow bag space) but that would prevent master looter parties from assigning a bag to someone else.

I truly believe this is the #1 reason otherwise brave and aggressive combatants turn into hesitant frightful cows at the bottom of a Keep Lord room ramp: they don’t want to die during a push and miss their loot!  Ridiculous.

3) Show Spell Effects Option: Enemy Only

Why: Because when you have hundreds of players on screen the only spell effects you need to see are enemy AOE’s – Oi!  You’re standing in a purple puddle – move it!

Particulars: I appreciate the fastest frame rate option for spell effects that’s now available.  The drop down menu below that option is to enable spell effects for Self, Party, War Band, and None, but the one missing option is probably the one I would enable anytime I participated in large scale RvR: only show enemy spell effects.

4) Cross Server Scenario Queue (Scrimmage Mode)

Why: Because running scenarios are fun sometimes and the queue times aren’t what they used to be.

Particulars: Scenarios do count towards the victory points of a zone, so cross server queues don’t make sense in that light.  However, if a scrimmage check box is added to the queue window then players will be able to get faster cross server queue times that don’t plug into their server’s victory points.  This solution could afford Mythic the ability to implement more intelligent scenario match making – while at the same time leave the “zone locking” scenario queue pure.

5) Lock Keep Entrance Mechanic.

Why: Because peek-a-boo door clicking is silly

Particulars: Guarding postern doors of keeps is a thankless job for assaulting forces.  Sometimes a full war band can’t stop reinforcements from dashing to the door and right-clicking themselves to safety.

A possible solution: allow up to four (just like a ram) attackers to right click a postern door.  When you’re “locking” a door no defenders can interact with it until the “locking” attackers are killed – but while you’re holding the door you cannot fight or move – just like a ram.  The front door can be used by the defenders unless the ram pad is filled with a ram – when it too becomes “locked” until the ram is destroyed.

You’ll see more actual fighting at postern entrances instead of “running the right-click gauntlet” to the door.  The defenders would have to rally and attack the postern attackers while (hopefully) being supported by their allies from walls above.  Once inside this concept will be balanced by giving defenders more devastating options: more damage from parapet weaponry, damage buff for all combatants on walls (higher ground bonus?), oil above the posterns, etc …

6) Move the Keep Lord to the Third Floor.

Why: Because a rubber banding PvE Keep Lord is silly.

Particulars: Keep defenders rarely use the keep’s inner first floor as a defensive choke point – they wisely turtle on the second floor and a battle of hundreds is reduced to a five foot square choke point in the middle of a ramp . . . this ridiculous clash should involve only player vs player combatants with no interference of any rubber banding NPC’s.  Instead the second floor should feature the keep’s banner in the middle of the room and, just like a battle objective, the goal of the attackers is to claim the banner.

Once the banner is successfully claimed the Keep Lord will spawn on the third floor.  Now the attackers must push to the top of the keep to kill the Keep Lord.

 The Keep Lord battle will become more significant and perilous with their devastating AOE knock backs on the narrow parapets of the third floor – not to mention any defenders still clinging to the walls.

This will position the primary clash of an inner keep siege between the second and third floor and make for more interesting defenses and assaults.

7) Home Team Advantage

Why: Because racial pride is in theme with the Warhammer IP.

Particulars: A dark elf, for example, defending or sieging a keep should get a buff of some kind when near a (dark elf) keep that is naturally theirs.  Nothing big here, just a slight bump to induce some racial pride.

8) Mounted Combat

Why: Because who doesn’t like the idea of mounted combat?

Particulars: Make mounted combat a renown perk that can be purchased from your trainer that allows for some limited mounted combat.  Implement a “war mount” tactic bar and sprinkle mounted combat tactics throughout the upper renown ranks: ability to take more damage before being dismounted, more armor for the mount, etc … 

Keep it simple: auto attack only, a charge ability that does an AOE to enemies you run through, and other fun stuff.

9) Renown Perks

Why: Because the sense of progression flattens after renown rank 40.

Particulars: The current renown trainer options aren’t interesting and feel unfinished.  People like abilities and perks: combat, crafting, travel, and cosmetic.

These can be tied to race and class.  Example: a dwarf character, regardless of class, can acquire the “Happy Hour” buff at renown rank 45 – an AOE that heals all allies for 500 over 9 seconds with a one hour cool down (golden foamy shower of beer that restores nearby allies).

10) ‘Damage Taken’ to Appear on Scenario Score Board

Why: Because tank classes need some props (and feedback) for their primary role: meat shield.

Particulars: It’s lovely that Hexoffender the Bright Wizard did 150k damage in the Serpent’s Pass scenario, but Heartles the Iron Breaker got hit for 250k damage in the same scenario – and only died twice!  

Tanks need Thanks.


  1. I hear Heartles dies to WE faster than a BW dies to them, so no way he could absorb 250k damage. Plus he’s a jerk!

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