Posted by: L1H | February 4, 2009

Mini-Quest: Frost Burn (1/30)

I have to admit that when the weather gets cold it’s harder to ‘get up on the inside’ and hit the gym.  Diet becomes an issue too because I feel myself desiring different types of foods the colder it gets: no sweets really, just heavier foods.

I’ve also noticed that the lack of sunlight really affects my mood as I’m probably prone to seasonal depression.  Oh, there’s also this little piece of software called Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning . . . 

Part of being a healthy human, gamer, and hopefully an apocalypse surviver, is being physically active.  It’s easy to lose your way without goals.

To this end I’m going to make a short term (30 day) mini-quest with very reasonable goals.

I will blog daily describing my diet, workouts, and post pictures with a before and after at day 30.  I’m still working out my exact goals, but I’m going to go ahead and drive forward with my workouts because I just want to get started.

Working Goals:

  1. Get 7+ hours of sleep a night
  2. Eat 6 times a day with a modest calorie deficit
  3. Workout 5 days a week, 2 days off
  4. Maintain body fat < 14%
  5. Complete a 7 minute mile


Day 1

Meal Plan:
Protein Oatmeal, 12 oz Water
Apple, Protein Bar, 24 oz Water
Chicken Salad, Coffee, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Chicken Salad, Coffee, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Chicken Pita, 24 oz low calorie Lemonade, bag of Chips (Baked-Lays)
Apple, Cottage Cheese, 12 oz Diet Coke

Chest, Shoulders, 25 Minutes of Medium Intensity Interval Cardio

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