Posted by: L1H | February 6, 2009

Frost Burn: Day 3/30

I was going to take an “off-day” today, but when I got home and finished cleaning my place a voice in my head told me to hit the gym – a voice I haven’t heard since Quest 1.  It’s the mind of a gamer: we are goal driven creatures.

I’m also going to log how many hours of sleep I’m getting since it’s one of my primary goals.

I can’t recall the source, but I read a sleep deprivation study that revealed some interesting results.  

Turns out if you’re in “sleep debt”, that is to say if you’re not getting at least 6+ hours of sleep on a regular basis (this varies with age), then your health is effected in predictable and measurable ways (negative).  This “sleep debt” appears to accumulate up to approximately three months.  In other words: if you haven’t been getting appropriate sleep for years you can totally wipe out your “sleep debt” following three months of consistent 6+ hours of sleep.


Day 3

Meal Plan:
Protein Bar, 12 oz Water
Apple, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Tuna, 24 oz Water
Chicken Salad, Coffee, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Chicken Salad, 12oz Water, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
1 Grilled Buffalo Wing, 1 Apple, 12 oz Diet Coke

35 minutes of Steady State Cardio (15 Treadmill/15 Elliptical)

6.5 hours

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