Posted by: L1H | February 10, 2009

Frost Burn: Day 7/30

Great day, all in all.  I finally got a Gamecube memory card for my Wii which will allow me to save my Wind Waker game data: the only Legend of Zelda game I haven’t played through!

Also, I got my Foot Leveler orthotic inserts today and I have to say that they feel great.  I can’t wait to do some cardio tonight with them in my running shoes.

I’ve updated my goals for this mini-quest by adding “Complete a 7 minute mile.”  This is a very emotionally significant goal for me because I haven’t been able to run a 7 minute mile since I was 16 – half my age minus 1!



Day 7

Meal Plan:
Protein Bar, 12 oz Water
Apple, Protein Bar, 24 oz Water
Chicken Salad, Coffee, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Chicken Salad, 12oz Water, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Steak Patty, Apple Sauce, Cottage Cheese, 12 oz Diet Coke
Apple, 12 oz Water

Chest, Shoulders, and 15 minutes of HIIT Cardio

7 hours


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