Posted by: L1H | February 17, 2009

Frost Burn: 9/30

I’m just going to dust myself off and start again at Day 9 because the last few days have been a little off routine.

My right thumb got caught in a door and the stupidest injury happened: I pulled the pad of my right thumb half-way off my finger.  I dressed the wound myself and soldiered on, but the next day it started bleeding down my arm again while I was at the gym, so I had to go to the emergency room and get it properly sorted out.

A few stitches later I’m good to go and ready to offer an update.

The orthotic inserts are really working out well.  I haven’t had any knee pain at all and have noticed my overall posture improving when I catch a glance of my profile in a mirror.  I ordered a second pair so I don’t have to keep swapping them out every time I hit the gym.

I had an amazing meal on Valentine’s Day at at restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory.  It’s easier to make healthy choices at restaurants when the food is this good!



Day 9

Meal Plan:
Protein Bar, 12 oz Water
Apple, Protein Bar, 24 oz Water
Chicken Salad, Coffee, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Chicken Salad, 12oz Water, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Chicken Pita, Bag of Baked Lays Chips, 24 oz Low Calorie Lemonade
Apple, 1/2 Protein Bar, 12 oz Water, 12 oz Diet Coke

Shoulders and Chest, 15 Minutes of HIIT Cardio

8 hours

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