Posted by: L1H | March 9, 2009

Frost Burn: Day 27/30

Well, I’m nearly done with this mini-quest, and though my updates haven’t been daily I have been keeping to the “plan”.  I should officially attempt my 7-minute mile on Thursday, day 30/30.  My last cardio session put me very close, so I’ll have to push it to achieve my goal.

As a side note, my squat (normally an exercise I avoid) has been feeling solid and I’m starting to believe the old saying that the squat is “one of the best overall strength building exercises”.  It’s all about form, and I haven’t had any back, knee, or neck pain which are common complaints when implementing a dead lift squat into your routine.

I did get to see Watchmen this weekend.  It was an amazing adaptation.  It’s a brave movie, totally un-hollywood, and if you go in expecting an X-Men movie, you’re going to be disappointed.  

Watchmen is genre defying, adapted from a genre defying graphic novel, and explores subjects such as war, violence, rape, psychosis, existentialism, and death – to name just a few.  I would suggest the story can go into these “dark places” because of its “super hero” spandex wrapper, much like sci-fi can explore uncomfortable issues such as racism by simply employing latex foreheads and alien planets.  Before the Watchmen graphic novel, the super hero genre seemed limited and was in danger of becoming formulaic, and now the 2 hour and forty minute movie version commits the same act: breaking open the genre to a infinite world of potential.


Day 27

Meal Plan:
Protein Bar, 12 oz Water
Apple, Protein Bar, 24 oz Water
Chicken Salad, Coffee, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Chicken Salad, 12oz Water, 1/2 Multi-grain Pancake
Apple, Protein Oatmeal, 12 oz Water, 12 oz Diet Coke

Back and Arms (Flexors), 12 Minute Mile (Light Jog)

7 hours


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