Posted by: L1H | March 17, 2009

Update: Big Fish Little PvP Lake

I’ve been terribly busy lately and am trying to squeeze time out to post the final results of Frost Burn, my health centric mini-quest.  A preview: it ends badly.

Having a blast in WAR on a nightly basis.  Still some issues, but the memories I’m collecting are just epic.

The other night, for example, I fell into a duel that served as a flash point for an enormous skirmish.  My enemy and I continued our hate-clash amid the bolstering swarm of allies joining the fight only to both be drowned by AoE damage and ending with our corpses collapsing on top of each other.

Random thought here:

In a PvE game players make distinctions of themselves by being the “first” to defeat a raid, for example, or showing off epic loots.  In FPS games you can top the score board, most kills, etc …  In WAR you can be the “big fish” in the ORvR lake – you can be the “deciding factor” in a warband, even if you’re not leading it.  This is what makes an RvR game like WAR so engaging for me currently.  Throw in a dash of “persistance” and “world impact” and I’m sold.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to totally enjoy a strictly PvE MMO game in quite the same way again.

If you could give me Pre-NGE SWG game with a proper and fleshed out Galactic RvR mechanic (which never happened), I would be in line at 3:00am to buy your game a week before it’s release.

I wouldn’t be on board with WAR as much if it were a “every player for themselves” game.  I like having realm mates to back me up.  I think that’s why I enjoy Team Fortress so much, because you’ve got all these different classes on the same team trying to pull together and knock the other team on the head.  That being said the individual can shine: you can break rank and have “epic” moments.

Also, you can never really master PvP, can you?  In a few moments a bigger or stronger opponent (or warband) will show up and *bam* you’re respawning.  You can hit a “level cap” in a game and get all geared up, but the minute you step foot into an RvR zone, you’re vulerable, mere chum in the water, to a hungry warband.

I guess it’s the comradery then, the friction between realms, and the potential for heroics that occurs in a RvR game that I’m hooked on.


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