Posted by: L1H | March 19, 2009

Sly at 62: Training Video

There’s a great training video of Sly Stallone getting ripped for his new movie the Expendables.

It’s quick-time format: watch it here.

The man is 62, and well, his current form is astounding.  That being said it’s well known he’s a juicer.  For this reason I’m a little guarded about my reaction to this video.  It’s hard to separate my enthusiasm for the movie and the shape this old man has achieved.

Our children’s children will be taking performance enhancing drugs to jump higher, run faster, look younger, live longer, and have better sex.  The line will be blurred for them because they’ll be raised in a drug enhanced world from their first breath to their eventual clone driven resurrection.  Human Growth Hormone (HGH) will be no more taboo for them than Flintstone Vitamins are to us.

I’m a stubborn “drugs are bad” guy, but I know that there are many cutting edge therapies that will be developed to prolong and enhance our lives in the future.  You can see in the video how hard Sly is working: don’t think for a second that his results came in a bottle or syringe alone.

I don’t think 60 year-old men (or 30 year-olds, for that matter) should feel pressured to look like Sly, as inspiring as he is.  When I’m 60 I hope to be more like Obi-Wan Kenobi, robes and a lightsaber, and old war stories, not a genetically blessed (and chemically enhanced) millionaire actor – wait a minute . . .


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