Posted by: L1H | March 24, 2009

Frost Burn: Finale

It’s long overdue and I’ve been dragging my feet, but I have finally compiled a proper “ending” to my health centric mini-quest: Frost Burn.

The 30 day goals for Frost Burn were:

Get 7+ hours of sleep a night – Check!
As a gamer my sleep is often sacrificed for various reasons.  I knew that if I wanted to continue to be a healthy gamer for years to come I needed to develop discipline about my sleeping habits.  Sleep is when your body heals and recovers, and getting that magical “7” hours of sleep per night for a month helped me realize how much better I feel when I’m not chronically sleep deprived.  This was a big part of Frost Burn and I’m glad I fulfilled this goal.

Eat 6 times a day with a modest calorie deficit – Check!
During Quest 1 I realized how important it is to keep your body in a “well fed” state if your goal is going to be fat loss.  Almost everything about our bodies is wired for survival and propagation – fat is the “last straw” your body turns to if it’s in a crisis.  To shred the fat you need to constantly tell your brain that “everything is okay, food is abundant, you can relax”.  During these 30 days I just did what I now do naturally: eat frequently, eat modestly, and make healthy choices as often I can.

Workout 5 days a week, 2 days off – Check!
I’m a different person compared to a year ago, and this wasn’t as hard as it may sound.  It’s important to do some kind of physical activity every day to balance out the other “non physical” activities that I enjoy: namely gaming!  Also, working out helps maintain that slight calorie deficit and takes the pressure off my meal plan (especially on weekends when I like to “cycle up” my calories and enjoy a few slices of Kashi Pizza or Dim Sum, for example).

Maintain body fat < 14% – Check!
For me to break the single digit body fat % I would have to overhaul my workout and meal plan – which might be a great future health quest.  For now, the tale of the tape is:

11.7 body fat %
167.2 lbs
19.56 fat lbs
147.63 lean body mass

Complete a 7 minute mile – Fail!
I really had no idea how tough this was going to be for me.  I am in great shape compared to a year ago, but I just couldn’t break through that 7 minute mark on my mile.  I could lie and tell you I did it, but I have to be honest here, the fastest I could achieve is .83 of a mile in 7 minutes: good but not my goal.

Running and I have never totally gotten along, but you can’t argue that sprinting is a great calorie burner, and I’m a big fan of HIIT (high intensity interval training).  I just couldn’t pull it off.  I am currently licking my wounds on this one and planning a rematch!

1 Year Ago . . . 

It’s been a year since I started Quest 1 and I wanted to embarrass myself and put up a picture . . . taken yesterday with a side by side comparison to the leve1human of old.  I’m not anywhere close to Bruce Lee or Arnold, but I’m happy, I feel better, and have found a balance between gaming and a healthy lifestyle.  They are not mutually exclusive (apparently a tan is!)



  1. Looking good brother! You are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up!

    I’m on a similar quest myself. I started to try and follow the Crossfit program and have started tracking what I eat. My goals are to be able to follow the Crossfit ‘Workout of the Day'(or as they say it in the program: as prescribed) and get down to 225lbs by Jan 2010. I’ll work on the bodyfat % afterwards though I suspect those will get down to reasonable levels once I loose weight and increase lean muscle mass.

    So far I’m down to 261 and do a highly modified version of the WotD (due to equipment restrictions). Not quite on track with where I want to be but getting there.

  2. Thank for shareing, great content..

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