Posted by: L1H | April 3, 2009

1.2.1 Patch Highlights

Game Update 1.2.1 for WAR has hit the PTS, and I just wanted drop a quick update and comment on some highlights are that meaningful to me.

Check them out for yourself here.

Keep Upgrade System

Guilds that successfully hold a Keep until the zone is captured will be rewarded with a free gold bag that will be mailed to the guild master, and is tradable to his or her guild members.

I’m not going to comment on the keep upgrade system until I see it in action, but the above feature is very exciting because this gives the Guild Leader the power of Santa Claus, an awesome responsibility I admit, but to be able to bolster her guild with much needed lesser ward gear sounds awesome, especially if you got a discouraged player that can’t seem to complete her Annihilator set despite weeks of flipping keeps.

Zone Capture Rewards

  • Various improvements have been made to Zone Control Rewards in Tier 4 zones to reward players for zone captures more so than individual Objective and Keep captures.  When active zones are captured in Tier 4, all players in the zone are rewarded Renown based on their Rank, similar to Tiers 1, 2, and 3. If a Keep is owned by a guild when the zone is captured and the zone is captured via Zone Domination, a Gold Loot Bag will be mailed to the guild leader who can then mail it to anyone in the guild.  Battlefield Objectives that are owned by the conquering realm will also buff all the players in the zone with the same buffs that Sergeants grant players.  Lastly, players who have captured a Keep or Battlefield Objective in the zone which is captured will be rewarded double the amount of Renown they gain from capturing a Keep or Battlefield Objective!

This is big.  Right now you get rewarded for actually avoiding the enemy and flipping unguarded BO’s and keeps, but this change makes the ‘juice worth the squeeze’ and will push everyone to remain in a zone and attempt to lock it via domination instead of leaving.

What isn’t mentioned (and this might be splitting hairs): what if you leave the zone and come back for the lock, will you lose credit for the keep you helped flip earlier?  What if you crash?  What if you jump into a few scenarios and don’t get out in time for the renown bonus?  The devil is in the details.


  • Pit of Shades: Fixed a bug that allowed this ability to continue channeling after the caster’s death. Additionally, this ability will no longer stack multiple times on an enemy. Instead, multiple Pits of Shades in the same area will begin to affect more people. 

Bright Wizard

  • Rain of Fire: Fixed a bug that allowed this ability to continue channeling after the caster’s death. Additionally, this ability will no longer stack multiple times on an enemy. Instead, multiple Rains of Fire in the same area will begin to affect more people.

This is the fix that everyone was crying for, but I don’t believe this will make as much of a significant difference in RvR as folks might anticipate.  Massive AoE will continue to reign (pardon the pun) in RvR.  I wonder what the players will start to complain about next?

Warrior Priest

  • Cleansing Power: This tactic has been changed. It will now cause Purify to remove a Curse or hex from everyone in the target’s group.

Didn’t you know that Cleansing Power was making Order win the WAR?  Ignore the fact that Destruction dominated for months (on our server anyhow).  Again, I don’t think this “fix” will create a different outcome for RvR, but the way Mythic handled it sounds reasonable.  

I only carry the Cleansing Power tactic on my WP during PvE, and now I’ll have 4 buttons to bash instead of 3.  No biggie.  I think the way curses and hexes are implemented don’t work well in massive RvR but in skirmishes and scenarios their effect can be felt and this will bolster the classes that rely on them.

Several classes are getting some love with this patch, namely White Lions, and it’s a start.  I still believe the lion should be a cosmetic assessory for the WL, an animated trophy that only assists in her abilities like a spell effect – only then could you really say that the White Lions aren’t limited by their furry friend.  PvE pets in PvP are a very difficult mechanic to balance, admittedly.  I hope WL find a balance so they can enjoy their very cool (in concept) class.

There’s lots to talk about in this patch, but I’m out of time.  Be safe this weekend!

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