Posted by: L1H | April 15, 2009

I Ate Some Sushi

Amy and I celebrated her “graduation” from her teaching internship program – well she was already teaching her first grade class for half a year now, but she has just finished her program that required her to report to the university and complete a series of observations.

The short version: she’s done, I’m proud, and we’re hungry.

We love sushi so we went to a place called Sake Blue, a japanese bistro that really blew us away: live jazz music, great sushi, and .01 penny sake night.


I’m reading book 15 of the Aubrey/Maturin series, The Truelove, written by Patrick O’Brian.  I discovered a passage that really struck a cord with me and reminded me of what I wanted to say about PvP in a MMO.

The two main characters, Captain Jack Aubrey and his best friend and Naval surgeon Stephen Maturin, pass the time at sea playing music together, sharing meals, chasing prizes, and occasionally playing board games.  In the following passage the author describes why backgammon and not chess became these two character’s (PvP) game of choice:

“For many years they had played chess, with fairly even fortunes; but they played with such intensity, being extremely unwilling to lose, that in time it came to resemble hard labour rather than amusement; and they being unusually close friends remorse for beating the other sometimes outweighed the triumph of winning.  They had also played countless games of piquet, but in this case luck ran so steadily in Stephen’s direction, good cards and sequences flocked to him in such numbers, that it became dull; and they had fixed upon backgammon as a game in which the mere throw of the dice played so large a part that it was not shameful to lose, but in which there was still enough skill for pleasure in victory.”

Doesn’t that describe a good PvP skirmish perfectly?  Dice throws and skill, pleasure in victory: what a wonderful way to put it.

I wonder if MMO games were around during their era would these two characters take pleasure in playing WAR?  

I think the good doctor Maturin would play a Witch Hunter because Stephen too is a character of mystery (he is a secretly an intelligence agent) and his slim coiled frame matches the Witch Hunter’s silhouette nicely.  

Stephen also has a terrible temper, is a devote Papist, and unfortunately for his enemies he’s deadly with both pistols and swords.  Does that not scream “Witch Hunter”, or what?

Lucky Jack would no doubt roll a Slayer – after some convincing.  He would fancy himself a Knight of the Blazing Sun, but Killick, his steward, would talk him out of it – with Stephen’s prompting, and they would all agree Jack Aubrey should play a Slayer. 

See, although Jack is described as being tall, he is also rather portly (Jack weighed 16 stone) and his pot belly would fit the Slayer’s look.  Most importantly Jack has been known to fall into a battle rage during a boarding action and this “play style” matches the rage mechanic inherit to the Slayer class.

Have a great week folks.


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