Posted by: L1H | April 21, 2009

My First “mMO”

My first multiplayer online game was a FPS shoot called Rogue Spear.

Categorically Rogue Spear wasn’t a “massive” multiplayer game at all but featured a thriving mod community that surrounded the game.  I guess it was more of a mMO.

At the time I was in school for graphic design learning to use an early version of Adobe Photoshop.  I got the idea of trying to put my friends faces into the game as custom Rainbow Six operatives.

Next thing I know I’m using a hex editor and totally re-skinning character models, adding new weapons, etc … and from that effort Team HAK was born.

Team HAK (HAK = Heavily Armed Killer, lol) was the first website I designed (hosted by Gamespy) and I used it as a launching platform for all my custom mods.  I had forgotten all about this site but happened to stumble into it while cleaning up old bookmarks of mine.

What made my mods special was the amount of “polish” (and this was way back before 2003) I would put into them.  My mods weren’t intrusive: they looked like they belonged in the game almost as if the original developers has done them.  Also, I was the first Rogue Spear modder that could tint the goggles of the character’s helmets (a technique that was copied many times since), giving my skin jobs a unique look.

Beyond making ultra-cool looking paramilitary skins I also added a few easter egg skins for fun including a zombie, “Gyver” alien, Punisher, Corporate Saboteur (I swear I should take credit for the Spy in Team Fortress), chain mail archer, and knight.

The mod community took ownership of the game, in a way, and this added tremendous creative value to the community that supports it, something that I wish was more common in our MMO games.  The architect feature of City of Heroes is a step in the right direction!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Back then my online handle was Gold Rabbit.

Wow, it’s amazing how fast time flies: it’s been 8 years!


  1. those were the days

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