Posted by: L1H | April 24, 2009

Beyond the Sands

I amazes me how WAR‘s live events enlivens the RvR lakes.

The first day of the Beyond the Sands live event could largely be labeled as PvE, requiring both realms to travel to a RvR lake and complete a few standard kill/collect/fetch quests.  This didn’t stop both Destruction and Order from simply showing up for a good fight: meanwhile everyone else was just trying to complete their quest objectives and get out before the skirmish consumed them.

The second night of the event actually staged a competitive PQ in the middle of the RvR lakes, but the actual fighting was less severe, with both sides reluctant to engage both the PQ boss and each other, so the fighting felt more like a back and forth instead of a head on collision.

I completed all the objectives and received my aviator goggles which, when equipped, gives you a special “sight beyond sight” buff that allows you to spot hidden treasure that fell from the crashed air ship.

Screw the WAR: I’m going treasure hunting!

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