Posted by: L1H | June 9, 2009

DDO Will Be Free-To-Play

Turbine’s DDO: Stormreach is gong F2P – that’s free to download and play, with premium membership benefits for those that subscribe.


Turbine’s DDO and I have history.  At the game’s launch I wasn’t very familiar with Eberron, the game’s setting, but I was very comfortable with the 3.5 rules that the game was based upon.  I was in the beta for DDO and stuck around for about 2 years.

I didn’t leave DDO because the game sucks.  I didn’t leave DDO because Turbine didn’t listen to its players.  I didn’t leave DDO because I was bored.  I left because I missed SWG – I longed for a sandbox MMO that was less “instanced”.

My SWG baggage was never DDO’s fault.  DDO is amazing.  Combat is played out in real-time with MMO dice-rolling happening under the hood.  The freedom to swing your weapon anytime: the air, a monster’s legs, through a barrel, not to mention the ability to climb and jump, it all makes DDO feel totally different than any other MMO out there.

DDO’s dungeons are very three dimensional instead of the typical flat MMO instance and features some amazing puzzles and traps.  I would argue that DDO’s dungeons are the best group PvE content available – I’m talking Super Mario Galaxy level design genius.  Bravo, Turbine.

Give DDO a try, it will cost you nothing, and my hope is that hundreds of thousands of new players will discover how this often over-looked MMO is a diamond in the rough.


  1. You going to lead a guild alt night? I was always curious, but never wanted to fork over the dough.

  2. nice going to be checking this out as love the dungeon romps through it but never had a good group to hang with …. thanks goodness for the cows

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