Posted by: L1H | June 22, 2009

WAR: Ding RR70

I dinged RR70 last night.  I stayed off vent and just rode the queue wave until I squeaked past the renown threshold to RR70.

RR70, what a journey.

To comment on the positive …

I have rolled no alts since WAR’s launch.  This is due, in part, to the fact that my current character happens to be my “spirit animal”: he gives me insight into myself, acts as a source of power, and somehow completes me.

In all seriousness, I just love my Warrior Priest.

WAR has been great.  I never liked PvP in MMO games – not in the traditional sense anyway.  I do love me some FPS, however, and strangely that competitive instinct never percolated into my MMO of choice.  WAR exists as a happy medium between a social MMO and  a competitive online game.

To comment on the negative …

CC and AoE

CC and AoE need to be tweaked.  Yesterday.

I didn’t realize how bad it was until I started experimenting with different mastery builds for my WP.  Trying to fight in the “thick of it” as a MDPS is just harsh.  You get disabled, knocked down, and dead in seconds – and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.  

Too often the conflict doesn’t feel like a fight at all: more like a riot of football hooligans where the entire stadium was set on fire and everyone was dosed in gasoline.

Population / Realm Balance

Coming from a FPS player, I can tell you that I wouldn’t join a Team Fortress 2 match where my team has 3 players and the other had 12 – I would leave that server and find one where my team could stand a chance to win.

Interesting that the above example would rarely occur because most multi-player FPS servers auto-balance teams between rounds and/or won’t let new players create team imbalances to ensure a “fair fight”.

I understand the romantic notion of server rivalries and “knowing who you’re killing”, to keep the conflict local, but clearly we have to find a compromise.

I would suggest a solution similar to FreeRealms or Wizard 101 allowing players to switch servers on the fly, instances within servers, etc … but clearly allowing players to choose their “instance” would result in the realms stacking the deck and actually avoiding each other like we saw during city sieges.  

Obviously the players can’t be “trusted” with this choice – ironic since it’s a RvR game and you would think players would actually want to fight, but the desire for “progression” overrides all else, and currently WAR’s end-game is PvE centric and enemy players are just another barrier to their loot.

I’m not sure how to solve the population problem but I hope the big brains at Mythic are working on it.

Luckily my home server feels rather balanced most of the time.  Destruction and Order seem to take turns dominating any given night.  We are a “low pop” server, and this only becomes apparent when you’re queueing for scenarios or pushing a fortress – there’s just not enough players to stage an effective fort assault or to keep the scenario queue popping during off peak times.

I’m happy with my time in WAR.  If I had to guess I would say that RR80 will take me about 4 more months, given my current advancement rate.  It will be interesting to see how the game changes during that time.

Have a good week.


  1. 70?!?! Wow — and grats! 😀

    So… whatcha gonna do at RR80?

  2. Coming from an alt-oholic – I know what you’re about!!! I might, maybe, thikin’ ’bout it, roll an ALT!

    There I said it!

  3. For me the issue with CC especially in WAR is that

    a) it is ridiculously spammable
    b) the cures for the CC available to support classes are less spammable
    c) you can’t tell what CC a person has on you (too many different icons, so tiny), and they have no effective way to communicate when one of the debuffs is very important and needs to be removed

    They’d have to fix all of those things to make it work.

    I mirror your thoughts on the realm balance. Progression-oriented players will never seek to arrange a “fair fight”, they will even avoid fighting at all just to maximize progression. The problem is, everybody is progression-oriented to some degree – and you’re right, it does seem to over-ride the desired to play the game in a more fun way.

    They really need to allow more tactical options to be open to smaller forces – the BO’s are not important and so everything is just zerg, zerg, zerg.

  4. Gratz, Ludolf! Keep it going, my friend. I fully expect another post when you max out at RR80. 🙂


  5. Grats Ludo, you sly dog on telling us cows.

    Another great article btw and you know my feelings on this. Lets hope they can address the issues as WAR has alot of potential.

    In the mean time Aion pvp in the abyss is looking good, re pvp / pve lake, fortress an all.

  6. Now at level 23. 7 more to meet my interim target… How long roughly will this take?

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