Posted by: L1H | August 4, 2009

WAR: Tag Team Siege

We contested IC on our server this past weekend.  While I’m still not happy with this particular “end-game” feature of WAR, the “lead up” to the city siege was awesome.

Lately I’ve been so impressed by some of the leadership and organization exhibited by certain individuals, guilds, and alliances in the tier 4 campaign: tier 3 “prior tier” warbands specifically assisting the tier 4 campaign, focused pre-made scenario parties, and a new macro maneuver for fortress sieges: Supply Line Seeding or the Tag Team Siege maneuver.

I have witnessed this maneuver twice and both times it was successful.  Because of Fortress population caps, a large force has no real advantage, but I offer a practical solution that plays to the strength of a zerg.

It’s all about overwhelming the defender’s ability to recover from Lord pushes, choking off their supply lines, and keeping a steady stream of healthy warbands stomping up that Lord room ramp.

Supply Line Seeding aka Tag Team Siege
Difficulty: Hard
Frequency: Uncommon
Type: Dynamic/Offensive
Risk: Low
Requirement: 4+ warbands
Application: An attack maneuver for when your superior force is divided due to strained supply lines during a Fortress assault.
Description: All warbands that are unable to join the Fortress assault stack on the threshold of the Fortress zone and skirmish as needed.

Once the assaulting warbands gain control of the room below the Fortress Lord, an organized push is made to kill the Lord and to gain control of the outer parapet – this is critical because the objective is to keep the NPC Lord aggro’d at all times, even if the initial assault fails.

Once the functional majority of your warband wipes instruct everyone in your warband to immediately re-spawn.  Upon re-spawning, inform a reinforcement warband to enter the Fortress, that your warband has made room for them, and immediately rally your own warband to the edge of the Fortress zone – until your warband is called back in to reinforce the assault.

This maneuver is most effective when the entire warband commits itself to sticking together: rally as one, charge Lord as one, die as one, and re-spawn as one: this immediately opens up the supply lines for a full warband.

If executed properly the Fortress Lord will remain aggro’d which disrupts defenders from rezzing reliably.  Reinforcements from the warcamp will naturally dominate the channels to the Fortress zone threshold.  Eventually the defenders will become overwhelmed and thinned out enough for the assaulting forces to gain control of the Lord room.

Remember: you might miss a bag, but you’ll get renown for being in the zone once it locks.  Giving up a Conqueror bag is a small sacrifice for locking a tier and potentially contesting a capital city.  Be a team player and re-spawn!

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