Posted by: L1H | August 25, 2009

Champions Online Needs a Little WAR …

I have been too busy to post but I had to throw this up.

See, I have been playing in beta heaven, namely Champions Online, and as a result I have not been playing WAR, as my time is very limited lately.

Solution: Bring a little WAR into Champions Online, and I’m not talking about PQ’s!

Tell me my hero, the Warrior Priest, doesn’t rock – what what!

The power of Sigmar compels you!

I hope to update L1H this week, take care.


  1. Just goes to show how powerful a character customization tool champions has … awesome job on th wp Ludo. Still impresses me no end.

  2. Hey Trace. This is Trista. I’ve sent you emails but no response. Fail!

    Chat back at me at


    p.s. I’m glad you’ve resurfaced from dimension X.


  3. p.s. My blog = here:

  4. You just can’t live without the baldness I see.

  5. Warrior Priests are great !

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