WARbander’s Handbook

The WARbander’s Handbook is an ongoing project that concerns the methods, maneuvers, and philosophy of oRvR in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Click here to view the WARbander’s Handbook (v1.0)

If you’re interesting in submitting a maneuver please use the below template for submissions and leave a comment.  I reserve the right to edit any accepted submissions but the source will be cited.

Name of Maneuver
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Hard (How hard is it to coordinate and execute)
Frequency: Rare/Uncommon/Common/Very Common (How often might you encounter this maneuver or variations of it in oRvR
Type: Static/Dynamic – Offensive/Defensive
Risk: Low/Moderate/High (How risky is the maneuver to your warband)
Requirement: (1 warband, 2 warbands, etc … )
Application: (When to use it)
Description: (Description of maneuver)

Make submissions “realm neutral” and stick to maneuvers you have personally participated in or witnessed in-game: no conceptual tactics.

An Example:

Mounted Charge aka Flying Pig
Difficulty: Medium
Frequency: Very Common
Type: Dynamic/Offensive
Risk: High
Requirement: 1 warband
Application: An attack maneuver for when you need to quickly close the distance with an enemy.
Description: Your warband rallies, mounts, and prepares to charge the enemy.  At the warband leader’s command, the warband charges the enemy.  The key to a Mounted Charge is knowing when to dismount: tanks and AoE capable DPS should dismount into the enemy’s central mass while the rest of the warband can have the luxury of dismounting at their optimal range to support or attack.


  1. GREAT post. Nice to see these techniques documented somewhere. This is what I’m looking forward to with WAR in the months and (hopefully) years to come: people getting past the zerg and taking Warbanding to the next level.

  2. […] 1 Human – This guys is inspiring on so many levels.  Not only is his WARbanders Handbook a must read, he has made a valiant (and sustanable I might add) attempt to balance RL with […]

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