About L1H

A brief history of the L1H …

My passion for gaming began back in 1986 when I first discovered a little game called Dungeons and Dragons.  The theater of my mind unleashed, I turned towards books, movies, and finally computer games, barely satisfying my hunger for mystery, magic, and adventure.  Role playing games, and later MMO titles, because my outlet for expression, leisure, and escape.  Better: I’ve gone on to form life long friendships that originated in MMO’s I’ve played.  Indeed the social aspect of these games keeps me playing – much more than the Achiever or Explorer compulsions of my play style.

Our MMO games have come a long way, but still … I often miss those all nighters in Michael’s basement surrounded by heroes and friends, with a belly full of soda and Bagel Bites.

Currently I’m playing:

Warhammer Online, Wizard 101, Puzzle Pirates, and Team Fortress 2

Currently I’m reading:

True Love (Aubrey/Maturin Series) by Patrick O’Brian

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